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This theme includes support for WooCommerce, WooDojo, and our Features & Testimonials plugins.


There are three menu locations included in this theme:

To setup your menus go to: Appearance > Menus

Homepage Overview

Set Up The Header

The header in Appply consists of your logo or site title, two menu areas, and the option to show your carts content. Of the two menus, you have a primary menu and a top menu. The primary menu is what will show to the right of your logo or site title. The top menu, as it’s name implies, is above your logo, primary menu, etc… Refer to our section for setting up menus for those two areas.

Appply Header
Custom Logo

To set a custom logo image go to:
Appply > Theme Options > General Settings > Quick Start > Custom Logo

  1. Upload your logo image by clicking on the Upload button.
  2. Upload your logo file. Usually a .png or .jpg
  3. Select the Use this Image button.
  4. Then Save All Changes in your theme options.
Show Cart In Header

To enable the cart go to:
Appply > Theme Options > WooCommerce > General

  1. Enable or disable to suit your preference.
  2. Save All Changes in your theme options.

Set Up The Slider

Appply has a built in featured slider that uses the Slides custom post type for it’s content. The slider is positioned right beneath your sites logo and primary menu area.

To setup the slider go to:
Appply > Theme Options > Featured Slider > Slider Content

  1. Enable or disable the slider at the top.
  2. Choose the number of slides you want to show.
  3. Choose a slide group, if using our WooSlider plugin, to display on the homepage.
  4. Save All Changes in your theme options.

To view additional featured slider settings go to:
Appply > Theme Options > Featured Slider > Slider Settings

To create a New Post for the slider go to:
Slides > Add New

Create a new slide to add it to your homepage slider, write your title, upload a Featured Image or embed video in the custom settings panel.
  1. Add a title and content in your slide post.
  2. Add a featured image.
  3. You can add a video directly to your content, or use the embed field.
  4. You can as well link the slide to any URL using the Slide URL field.
Paste video embed code in the Appply Custom Settings Panel for the featured slider.

Set Up The Homepage

In the homepage options you will find settings to control the Features, Homepage Content area, Testimonials, and an Introduction Message.

To enable or disable what you want to show on the homepage go to:
Appply > Theme Options > Homepage > Homepage Setup.


To display features on the homepage you need to install the Features by WooThemes plugin.

Appply Homepage Features

Once the plugin is installed you can set these options:

  1. Select the number of features to display.
  2. Set the title for the features section.

Homepage Content

Here you can choose to show a page or blog posts in this area. We’ve opted to show our about page in our demo.

  1. Select the content type you want to display.
  2. Set the appropriate options from there for either a page or blog posts.
  3. If you set the content type to blog posts, ignore the page content option.


To activate Testimonials on your homepage you need to install the Testimonials by WooThemes plugin.

Appply Homepage Testimonials

Once the plugin is installed you can set the options in Appply > Theme Options > Homepage > Testimonials:

  1. Select the number of testimonials to display.
  2. Set the title for the testimonials section.

Introductory Message

You can write a welcome message that will appear right above your footer by enabling it in your Theme Options.

Example of the Appply Intro Message

To set your introductory message go to:
Appply > Theme Options > Homepage > Introductory Message

Appply Button Styles

One last item to note here, Appply comes with two default styles if you are using the [ button ] shortcode. By default that shortcode will render the purple button you see in the introduction message and in the slider. You can easily create that green button as well by a little addition to your button shortcode. It ends up looking like this [ button color=”green” ]

Widgetized Homepage

It is possible to customise the layout of the sections on the homepage. This is done using the Woo – Component widget and the Homepage widget area.

Drag the Woo – Component into the Homepage widget area for each section you want to add to the homepage.

If you’d like to display Features or Testimonials in this widget region, please use the dedicated widgets called Features and Testimonials respectively.

Special Widgetized Footer Right

We’ve included one additional widget area in Appply, it is called Footer Right. It’s a nice little area to put a widget of your choice that, as the name says, appears in the right half of your footer. We’ve chosen to put our Subscribe & Connect widget there for the demo.

Footer Right Widget in Appply
Footer Right in Appply

Set Up The Features

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Set Up The Testimonials

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Custom Appply Widgets

The theme includes 7 custom widgets that you can add to any of your widgetized regions. Appply also includes styling for many of our WooDojo widgets.

The custom Woo widgets included are:

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Page Templates

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