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The Beveled Home Page

Beveled is a clean Tumblr-like WordPress theme that allows you to very easily publish snippets of content, whether they be images, videos, audio, articles, quotes or links. Not only that, but you can also showcase your portfolio pieces via the nifty Portfolio custom post type.

Below is a screenshot of the Beveled home page with each of it’s modules explained. More detailed documentation below.

Beveled Explained

Creating Your Intro Message

Beveled comes with a intro message area right at the top of the theme. You can create your own intro heading and text if you’d like to display a message about you or your site. To enable this go into your theme options by selecting Beveled>Theme Options. From there navigate to the Intro Message section and enable and customize your message.

Intro Message Settings
Intro Message

Setting up the Featured Slider

Beveled includes a featured slider that allows you to easily show off your portfolio items. It’s very easy to setup, first navigate to your theme options and then select Featured Slider. There you can easily enable it and choose from an array of options too. This ranges from linking to the single portfolio item, or having it open in a lightbox, to the speed of the slider and how many entries to show.

Featured Slider Settings

Setting up the Portfolio

Speaking of the portfolio Featured Slider, this theme includes a portfolio page template as well to compliment your homepage. Simply create a new page and title it however you’d like. Then be sure to set the page template as the portfolio page template.

Portfolio Page Template

As outlined below, when creating a portfolio post you can organize them into galleries that are then selectable via your portfolio page. For instance, you can organize your posts into logo work, photogopraphy, etc… You can create these galleries when you create a portfolio post, or add a post to an existing one.

Portfolio Galleries
Portfolio Page

Adding portfolio items to your WordPress backend

The portfolio section also uses a custom post type called “Portfolio”.

  1. Add a new portfolio item in WordPress (Portfolio -> Add New)
  2. Add a title to the portfolio item
  3. Add some text in the content to describe the portfolio item
  4. Upload the Portfolio image in the Featured Image area in the right sidebar if using the WordPress Thumbnail option. Alternatively you can upload the image using the Custom Settings field and enable TimThumb in the options panel.
  5. Add a video embed code in the embed field in the custom settings panel if you want to show a video. You will still need to add an image for your portfolio item which is showed on homepage and portfolio page template.
  6. Select or create a Portfolio Gallery to organize your posts.
  7. Publish the portfolio item and repeat for next portfolio item.
Creating A Portfolio Item

Adding Multiple Portfolio Images

Adding multiple images to a portfolio post is very simple. When you’re uploading the featured image you want to use outlined in the steps above, simply upload all the images you want to use here. Then pick from there the one you want to be your featured image for that post. That image will be the one shown as the thumbnail in the slider and main portfolio page. Also be sure that the other images are set as an attachment page and not image file, this should be the WordPress default though.

Adding Multiple Images
Multiple Images Displayed


Custom Beveled Widgets

The theme includes 6 custom widgets that you can add to your widgetized sidebar.

The custom woo widgets included are:

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Page Templates

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