How To

The Chapters home page layout

Below is a screenshot of the Chapters home page with each of it’s modules explained. More detailed documentation below.

The Chapters home page explained

Setting up the home page

The home page of Chapters is largely widget based, with 6 regions available for placement of custom woo widgets in the left and right sidebar and 4 footer regions. The central content area operates straight out of the box, displaying your latest blog post, otherwise known as a chapter, with the previous chapters available via the pagination in the right sidebar and in the header navigation menu.

See our demo’s theme option’s set here – http://woocommerce.test/demo/chapters/?options=woo.


Custom Chapters widgets

The theme includes 6 custom widgets that you can add to any of your 6 widgetized regions – 2 sidebar and 4 footer widgetized regions.

The custom woo widgets included are:

[insert name=”adding-widgets”]

Page Templates

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