How To

The Coda homepage overview

Below is a screenshot of the Coda homepage with each of it’s modules explained. More details are in the documentation below.

The Coda Home Page Explained

Setting up the homepage

The homepage of Coda is mostly wider based, with 3 regions available for placement of custom woo widgets in the sidebar, left and right homepage columns.

See our demo’s theme option’s set here – http://woocommerce.test/demo/coda/?options=woo

The Coda Widgets

Setting up the featured panel on the homepage

The home page featured panel can be used to display noteworthy blog posts – this is because it is tag based. Once you have specified the tag it must loop through to display posts, make sure you add that tag to the blog posts you want to feature. It will display the title of the post, the excerpt, and the optional, but important, custom image which is the focal point of the panel.

The Coda featured panel

Adding the tag to the post is important, as is specifying the image to use in the “Coda Custom Settings” panel below the WYSIWYG editor on the Add/Edit post form.

Setting up the featured tag

Setting up post voting

To activate the post voting feature, you first need to install the I LIKE THIS plugin ( Then in settings > I like this, alter the options to match the screenshot below:

Setting up the post voting


The theme includes 9 custom widgets that you can add to the widgetized areas (sidebar, homepage left, homepage right). Some widgets are for the homepage regions only.

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Page Templates

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