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Follow the steps below to add the WooCommerce Helper and connect your store to Once you’ve done so, we can:

  • Verify and activate your purchases (so you can open support tickets),
  • Automatically update your products with new features released, and
  • Automatically patch your store with important security updates.

There will be some exciting new services available for connected stores in 2017, so we highly recommend taking this step!

    • browser-wp-admin-plugin-add-new2x
    • Step 2

      Go to your WordPress Dashboard and select Plugins > Add New. Click Upload Plugin.

    • browser-wp-admin-activate2x
    • Step 3

      Upload the WooCommerce Helper file you downloaded previously, then click Activate.

    • browser-wp-admin-connect2x
    • Step 4

      Go to Dashboard > WooCommerce Helper and click Connect Account.

    • browser-confirm2x
    • Step 5

      Click Connect Account.

    • browser-wp-admin-success2x
    • Step 6

      That’s it! Enjoy being connected to

When you’ve followed the steps above, you’ll be all set up to get updates, security patches and support. Remember, you can only open a support ticket if you’ve done this, so we highly recommend it. See full installation instructions for the Helper.

If you’re new to WordPress and Woo, here’s how to get started with WooCommerce in five steps.