WooCommerce Developer Collaboration: General Terms

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Below are general terms of the Agreement which the Developer will enter into with WooThemes. Further specified terms are outlined in the actual Agreement.

Profit Share

The profit share is 50/50 between yourself and WooThemes, on the net revenues of product sales. You are paid within 30 days of the end of the month.


WooThemes will handle level 1 support, which includes setup and configuration. The plugin developer is then called on for bug fixes & feature requests. (which need to be answered within a certain timeframe).

All plugins should support the last two major versions of WooCommerce, so if the latest version is WC 2.3, the plugin should be backwards compatible to WC 2.1.


We do require that you sell the plugin exclusively on our site, to streamline support and prevent customer confusion.


You should be fairly comfortable using Git and GitHub. We use ZenDesk for support and will instruct you how to use it (don’t worry you can reply via email). We use Trello to track the statuses of our extensions.