How To

Setting up the header space

With Digital Farm you have complete control over your background header image and your logo, which can completely transform the look of your site together with the interchangeable alternate colour styles. The default style is quite comical, fun and bright, but by adding some professional stock imagery, and a slick logo you could transform the look to something very professional and even corporate looking.



Please note the background image for the header should have a width of 940 pixels. The height can be whatever you like, just take note of the pixel height so you can add it in the theme options.

The logo can be moved off the corners of the header space by specifying a margin from the top and the left, e.g. 20 pixels from the top and 30 pixels from the left. You can obviously play around with these numbers.

Setting up the home page carousel

If you wish to use the Digital Farm home page featured carousel you need to enable it in the theme option’s panel. See screenshot below:


You then need to assign a tag/s to it to display posts for. For the demo we created a tag called “lorem” then tagged some posts with it. You can then specify exactly how many featured entries you want the tabber to scroll through and give the carousel a title. As you can see, we have used the featured carousel to display portfolio pieces, but it can be used for just about anything..

Adding an image to the carousel and post thumbnails

To enable the images for the featured slides, homepage thumbnails and archive blog posts to display correctly you need to add an image via the ‘Digital Farm Custom Settings’ panel viewable below your blog/page post form in the WordPress backend.

The custom settings panel will look like the screenshot below.


Simply choose an image on your local computer using the “Choose File” button then click “Save” and the image will be automatically resized for the featured slider (if required) and the post thumbnails.

Please note, the image resizer can resize an image to a smaller size, but cannot stretch an image to be bigger than the uploaded size.

Setting up your home page about module

Digital Farm comes with an optional “About” module in the home page sidebar, spanning the width of both widgetized sidebar columns. Here you can write a short biography about you/your company and add an image/logo.


As can be seen about you can also add a button to your About module, by giving the button a label and a link it must go to when clicked on.

Layout Options

With Digital Farm you can specify if you want the excerpt to appear or the full post content. This will display up until your “read more” break on the home page, search and in the category archives.


Adding a video to a blog post

To add a video post you need to add a new post, or edit an existing one then navigate to the bottom of the post where “Digital Farm Custom Settings” panel is.

The custom settings panel will look like the screenshot below.


Add an optional picture to your post for thumbnail view in the category archive. Add the embed code of the video which can be found on most streaming video sites. Don’t worry about resizing the video as this will be done automatically.

Placing an advert on your website

The Digital Farm theme has dedicated advertising blocks available in the sidebar.

The 125 x 125 pixel adverts are displayed as a widget. To set up these advertising modules, you must add the adverts and links in the theme options, then assign the “Woo Ads – 125 x 125” and “Woo Ads – 300 x 250” widget to a widgetized zone. See the image below.



Custom Digital Farm widgets

The theme includes custom widgets that you can add to your 2 sidebar widgetized areas:

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Page Templates

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