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Keep your finger on the pulse of your online shop. With WooCommerce iOS, your shop catalog and performance reports are readily available on your iPhone. Quickly accessible and beautifully presented.

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  • "I no longer have to open up my laptop to run my store. Thanks to this app my store is always in my pocket. It is a must for any and every WooCommerce store owner."

    _SupaMan - 17 July 2014

Data-centric dashboard

Access a concise & visually impactful recap of your recent shop performance. Filter through daily, weekly or monthly sales stats including revenues, orders, customer numbers and top sellers. All from the dashboard of WooCommerce iOS - at the tap of a finger.

Full product catalog

Navigate through your entire product catalog whilst on the move. Great to see up to date stock numbers; pull up product data on the fly in that all important meeting.

Product details included

Zoom in to the specifics of a particular product in your catalog, including product variations and inventory levels. From the warehouse - or your spare room.

View your orders

Viewing new orders is addictive for a store owner - it's their lifeblood. Scroll through orders and easily search them by customer name, from wherever you might need to be to fulfil that order.

Specific order details

See the summary for an order with customer info, order status, products and payment/shipping details. For registered customers, you can see previous orders and their lifetime order total.

Support for multiple stores

You're a hustler with more than one WooCommerce store or you're the webmaster for various client sites. Connect multiple stores and easily switch between them in our intuitive and easily navigable interface.

Easy setup

Download the app, connect your WooCommerce store by entering your store information & unique WooCommerce API and watch as your orders and products are automatically imported and synced.

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You'll love how easy it is to keep up-to-date with your WooCommerce store on your iPhone. Thanks to the WooCommerce API, the future of this app is bright and perfectly extensible.

Need help setting up or using the app? Just log a ticket and one of our Happiness Engineers will be happy to help! Have a feature request or idea for the WooCommerce iOs roadmap? Submit it on our ideas board.

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