How To

Important Installation Note

Please note that Bookclub is a child theme for our directory based theme Listings. This means that you need to own both themes and have them both located in your themes folder for Bookclubs to work correctly.

Before activating the Bookclub theme you need to activate the Listings theme to initialize the theme functionality and content builder (On the “Appearance > Themes” page).

Once you have done that navigate back to the “Appearance > Themes” page and activate Bookclub.

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme.

More information on child themes can be viewed on the WordPress codex.

If you’ve purchased the Bookclub theme you are most probably familiar with the Listings theme that it resides on. The Listings theme comes with a powerful content builder to help build your online directory. We highly recommend you view all the Listings theme documentation and watch the Listings video overview before playing around with the Bookclub theme.

Theme Overview

Below is a screenshot of the Bookclub home page with each of it’s modules explained. More detailed documentation on each module on the Listings theme documentation page.

The Bookclub home page layout explained.

Adding a book

Once Bookclubs has installed you’ll see a new backend option’s panel called “Book”, here you can add books to display on your site and categorize them by the taxonomies that are also created like “Genre”, “Author” and “Publisher”.

Here is an example screenshot of all the fields filled in on our Bookclubs demo site.

Adding a book on our demo site

As you can see we’ve filled in the “Listings” Custom Settings panel below the WYSIWYG editor and uploaded the book cover image directly there.

If you want to display snippets, or other images within the book gallery slider section just upload more images directly into the post. There is no need to select the “Add Gallery” option afterwards, just “Save the changes” and the post images will automatically appear in the correct place.

Clicking on the add an image button and uploading images into the book post
The images will then appear in the image slider on the book listing page.

Adding biographies to the author taxonomy page

Thanks to the content builder one can assign text fields and images to category pages, that means you have more control over what can display on your typical category archive pages. We’ve used this functionality to add a book author biography text and image to their corresponding archive page.

Navigate to the “Book – Authors” section of your WordPress backend, then click on an author that you have created and you’ll see some additional fields where you can add their information.

Adding information about your book authors
The author pages will then appear with their biography appearing above their book archive.


Custom Listings widgets

All the widgets available in the Bookclub theme are the same as the Listings theme. View the Listings theme documentation to find out what widgets are available, and how to place them.

Page Templates

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