How To

Adding a featured post and thumbnails to posts

To add a featured post to the left side of the homepage, simply add “featured” as the tag in the post.


To add a thumbnail image that will automatically be resized, you have to first CHMOD your cache to 777, like explained in Step #1, and then you can simply use the Meta-Morphosis Custom Settings field below your post window (it might be at the very bottom of the screen, but you can drag it up).



Custom Meta-Morphosis Widgets

There are 9 different widgetized areas in the footer slider (named Footer1-9), divided in 3 columns per slide. Each column is a widgetized area, so select which widgetized area you want to add your widget to from the right hand side dropdown in Appearance > Widgets.


The theme includes 1 custom widget that you can add to your widgetized area:

Set your flickr ID by editing the widget under Apperance > Widgets.

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