How To

Theme Overview

Placeholder is very easy to setup. Once you have installed the theme simply navigate to the “Placeholder > Theme Options” page and set up the theme.

Entering the placeholder page content in the theme options

You’ll quite evidently see all the options available to you, allowing you to totally customize the page look and feel. You can enable/disable the introduction, social links, newsletter sign up and countdown clock each under their own dedicated theme option’s panel.

Changing the styling of your placeholder page is easy thanks to the theme options

To change the background color of the page, add a background image, and to add your own custom logo you just need to navigate to the styling options and fill in the options.

Adding a Campaign Monitor newsletter form

To add a Campaign monitor newsletter subscription form you are required to create a custom form on their website and then find the ID and also the Action on that form.

First navigate to Placeholder > Theme Options > Newsletter and select Campaign Monitor from the dropdown box.

The form action and id pasted into the theme options, all ready for use in the front end

Next login to your Campaign Monitor account, then click on the “Create a subscribe form” link in the right sidebar. You’ll then go to a page where you can set up the form.

Click on the Create a subscribe form link in the right sidebar
The two bits of code in form that are relevant for the newsletter theme options

Copy the two sections highlighted in the screenshot above and place the action and ID in the corresponding fields in the “Newsletter” theme options.

That’s it. You are set up for registrations for your newsletter!


Custom Widgets

The theme includes 4 custom widgets that you can add to your widgetized area:

[insert name=”adding-widgets”]

Page Templates

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