Support Best Practices

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1. Conflicts, Bugs, Customizations

  • Make sure WordPress, theme, framework and plugins are up to date.
  • Disable all plugins. Does the issue persists?
  • Switch to the default WordPress theme. Are you still experiencing the issue?

2. Read the Theme/Plugin Documentation

3. Search First

The answer to your question might already be in our Knowledge base.

4. Choose a Good Message Subject and Select the Correct Category/Product

When creating a ticket, make sure the message subject describes the problem and be sure to select the correct category and product in the drop-down options. This will assign your question to the correct support channel so that our Happiness Engineers can help.

5. Be Specific

Rather than, “My theme is broken, help!,” explain the relevant facts involved in your issue.

6. Be Courteous

We understand your frustration, but we are only trying to help. Please be polite, respectful, and considerate. Foul language and demands will not be tolerated.

7. Please Restrict Your Ticket to One Medium-Sized Paragraph

The more clear and concise your comment, the faster we can diagnose and treat the problem.

8. Link to Your Site

If your question relates to a specific site or page, please provide a link to it.

9. One Ticket, One Question

Please limit your questions to one per ticket. It’s easier to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve the issue if we can focus on one.

10. Posting Code

When you post a large excerpt of code, it often makes the ticket difficult to read. Instead, we ask you to paste your code using Snippi or something similar and submit it as a link in your post.

11. Viewing Your Site

If your site is hidden from public viewing, either make sure it’s viewable or provide login info so we can take a look.

You can open up a new ticket here: Open a New Support Ticket