How To

Theme Overview

This theme includes support for WooCommerce, and our Features & Testimonials plugins.

Theme Menus

There is one menu location in this theme, but with it being made with one page in mind there is something unique about it. You can of course create actual pages and your regular menu that you are used to, but with The One Pager you can create links in the menu to different areas of the page. For example, if you click on the contact link it will take you to the contact form on that page. Here is how you set those up.

Custom Menu Link
  1. Find the ID of the div to link to, this is fairly easy via this tutorial.
  2. Create a custom link in your menu.
  3. Use your full homepage URL (including a trailing /), along with the # sign and the ID of the DIV tag

An example link would be:

Here’s a list of the default IDs.

To setup your menus go to: Appearance > Menus

Homepage Overview

As the name implies, this theme is made to run all on one page. You may be tempted to add pages, but don’t give in as this theme looks and works great with just one page.  So let’s go over getting this all setup, starting with the header.

Header Overview

The header is the first thing you see with this theme. We’ve created quite a few options for you to set this up just as you’d please too. Navigate to The One Pager > Theme Options > Header.

The One Pager Header Options

To start,

Featured Slider

Below your header you have the option to have a featured slider. Navigate to The One Pager > Theme Options > Featured Slider > Slide Content.

The One Page Featured Slider Options

Be sure to,

Homepage Modules

Navigate to The One Pager > Theme Options > Homepage > Homepage Setup to find the modules you can enable or disable.

The One Pager Homepage Options

Here you’ll see each module you can enable or disable, choose at your discretion.


The One Pager Features

This area requires the use of our Features plugin and easily lets you setup feature posts for your site. Use this to highlight selling points of your business, product, or even yourself. In the options be sure to setup the following.

Posts Timeline

The One Pager Posts Timeline

The posts timeline is an awesome way to highlight your 3 most recent posts, you can even pick them to show from a certain tag.


The testimonials area is powered by our Testimonials plugin letting you show off what your customers/clients are saying about you and your products or business.

To set these up,

Hero Product

For this section to work you’ll need WooCommerce active and setup.
The One Pager Hero Product

The hero product area, powered by WooCommerce, gives you a clean and clear space to show off one product. This could be a featured product of the month, or simply your hottest seller here.

The rest of the details are pulled in from your product in WooCommerce.

Featured Products

For this section to work you’ll need WooCommerceactive and setup.
The One Pager Featured Products

As the name implies, this area allows you to feature a handful of your products. Once again powered by WooCommerce, here is how you set this up.

Content Area

The One Pager Content Area

The content area here is just like in many of our other themes. It’s an easy way to showcase a pages content or your blog post(s) on the homepage. It’s very easy to setup.

  1. Choose your content type, either blog posts or page content.
  2. If page content, choose a page from the drop down.
  3. If blog posts, choose how many posts to show and a category to use if you’d like.
  4. Type a heading for the content area.
  5. Type a title for the content area.

Contact Area

The One Pager Contact Form

As the name may imply, this area of the theme has a big and bold built in contact form. It’s very easy to set the social icons and form up, here’s how.

  1. Enable the contact form under The One Pager > Theme Options > Homepage > Contact Area.
  2. Enable the social icons there if you’d like too.
  3. Head under the The One Pager > Theme Options > Contact Page > Contact Information to enter your email address.
  4. Head under the The One Pager > Theme Options >Subscribe & Connect > Connect Settings to enter your social networks.