Theme Demo Content

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If you’ve just purchased your first WooThemes product and want to set it up with demo content, look no further! Click on the name of the product you want demo content for to download it. Each download comes with the demo content as well as the theme options settings for themes.

How To Import

With our plugins there is only one file to import, the .xml file (the demo content). With themes, there is also an extra file to import: the .json file (theme option settings).

  1. Go to Tools > Import > WordPress
  2. Install the WordPress import plugin
  3. Click Browse and import the XML file (.xml)
  4. Check Import and Download Files if you want the images from the demo content imported.
  5. Go to (Your Theme) > Framework
  6. Click Backup Your Settings and import the JSON file (.json)
  7. Click Save All Changes in your Theme Options panel.
  8. After uploading the .xml and .json files, all of your pages will show up in your main nav by default. To complete setup, go to Appearance > Menus to set up your main menu navigation.

Importing Theme Settings

You should now have both the theme content and the theme settings set up just like our demo. Hopefully with this content and our theme documentation you can fully understand how to work your WooTheme!

WooCommerce Demo Content

We already include a demo content file in the WooCommerce plugin folder itself which you can import into your site.

Sensei Demo Content

You can find this demo content within in the Sensei plugin folder itself; see how you can import into your site.

Theme Demo Content

Please note: We are unable to distribute demo content for the Uno, Duo, Fashionable, Homestore, and Zephyr themes due to the fact that licensed stock photography has been used in these themes’ demo content.