Collaborative Designers

Some of the industry-leading designers we've worked with on themes.

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Elliot Jay StocksElliot Jay Stocks

Elliot is an English designer, an illustrator, a speaker, an author, and occasionally a musician. His extensive web and print portfolio for clients including web start ups and big music labels, as well as is career history at Carsonfied has made him quite the online celeb.

Themes: Proudfolio & Backstage.

Liam McKayLiam McKay

Liam McKay is an English web designer famous for his pixel perfect icon sets and beautiful Photoshop designs. Liam blogs at We Function, where you can find a wealth of awesome freebies and inspiring design articles. We’ve worked with Liam on numerous occasions and all of his designs have been massive hits on WooThemes; so we think we’ll need to continue this promising relationship.

Veerle PietersVeerle Pieters

Veerle is a graphic/web designer living in Belgium. Her hugely popular personal journal is an online source for topics ranging from XHTML/CSS to graphic design tips. Her blog design has featured in hundreds of online and offline articles. Veerle is one of the best illustrators in the web industry and it is exactly for that signature style that we wanted to work with WooThemes and bring some illustrative awesomeness to the Woo.

Themes: Abstract & F0101.

Tim Van DammeTim Van Damme

Tim is based and raised in Belgium, and designs interfaces as a freelancer at Made by Elephant. He certainly has a handful of massive sites under his belt and in his portfolio. His 24 Ways design is a revolutionary css design that had many a web designer talking. He’s also designed the website for Atebits – the masterminds behind the web app “Tweetie”.

Themes: Antisocial.

SazzySarah Parmenter

Sarah (or Sazzy as she’s more commonly known online) has been in the web business since 2003, but at only 26 years of age, she is one of the most promising designers online. We may of course be a little biased too, but working with Sarah, definitely brings a unique and beautiful feminine touch to our themes collection. Sarah first worked with us as part of our Breast Cancer Awareness campaign in October 2009.

Themes: Royalle.

bryan_velosoBryan Veloso

Bryan is a Filipino designer, blogger and entrepreneur. He is also part of the Sidebar Creative together with Dan Rubin, Steve Smith, and Jonathan Snook and together their portfolio boasts some massive clients including Microsoft, Yahoo and Google. Bryan’s attention to detail and amazing Photoshop skills makes his designs some of the best out there.

Themes: Suit and Tie.

bryan_velosoSam Brown

Sam runs the independent design agency, Massive Blue, and judging by the quality of work on display there, it’s obvious why we’d want some of Sam’s Scottish design awesomeness within our themes collection, right? Sam sports a very clean & often minimalist design style, which is always influenced by the Apple-way of designing & doing things.

Themes: City Guide.

Matt BrettMatt Brett

A Canadian freelance web designer, fanatical about web design and X-BOX gaming. Matt’s impressive portfolio includes the “Digital Photography School” run by Mr Pro Blogger himself – Darren Rowse. His grungy design style and illustrative imagery is what we fell in love with and therefore commisioned him to work with WooThemes.

Themes: THiCK.

Chris RoweChris Rowe

Chris is a freelance designer based in Staffordshire, UK, who “takes pride in creating beautiful designs for happy clients“. Truth be told we are a very happy client of Chris’s and have used him to design some of our top selling themes. See his impressive full portfolio at

Dan RubinDan Rubin

Dan is a graphic designer, web developer, musician and Apple enthusiast living and working in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (US). He is also the founder and principal of Webgraph (a design and branding studio), co-founder of Sidebar Creative (a design collective) and Sinelogic (UI and usability consulting) as well as a web standards consultant and speaker.

Themes: Big Easy.

Tony GeerTony Geer

Tony is currently reading for his Master of Business Administration at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad. Apparently it’s a part time program so it allows for him to work full time on web design. Sounds a lot of work to me! Tony seems to be a master of Photoshop with some beautiful pieces under his belt viewable in his portfolio. The Nebula Awards being one of our favourites.

Izuddin HelmiIzuddin Helmi

Izuddin first submitted some of his design work to us in our WooContest in the second half of 2008 and we immediately knew that this 21 year old designer from Malaysia at amazing talent and an incredible eye for designs that simply work. This means Izuddin has now worked with us on 7 themes and thereafter launched is own WP themes venture in October 2009.

Ryan DownieRyan Downie

Ryan is a freelance website designer and front-end developer hailing from Lancaster, England. with an intricate knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and web standards. Ryan has recently joined the freelance world after being lead designer for a few agencies. Fueled by his passion for pot noodles, red bull and coffee, Ryan can be found designing and coding websites in his signature style of clean, tall typography and visually rich color palettes with worn textures.

Simon CollisonSimon Collison (a.k.a Colly)

Simon is a designer, author, and international speaker with a very impressive understanding of design theory. With that background and his experience working and managing a top London based design agency – – Colly’s portfolio could be said to be pixel perfect, as could his work done for us at

Themes: Continuum.

Matthew SmithMatthew Smith

Matthew leads the design duo of husband and wife over at Squared Eye. The company has worked with some major clients and produced wonderful work, which is why we had to have him work his magic on a theme for us. Apart from Squared Eye, Matthew has had experience as a Creative Director and designer for some top companies. He often speaks and writes for the web design community as well.

Orman ClarkOrman Clark

Orman started his career as a designer in the Armed Forces, yes that’s a real job, and is now happily creating beautiful websites full time as a freelancer. When not giving away design freebies at PremiumPixels he specializes in beautiful WordPress themes, which the quality of these can be seen with the theme he’s done for us.

Themes: Kaboodle.

Ryan O'RourkeRyan O’Rourke

Ryan is a self proclaimed problem solver through design, who also happens to be a product designer at Groupon. When he is not pushing pixels around he is playing drums, watching Coen Brother movies or travelling on an exotic holiday. Find out more about Ryan, and view his portfolio, on his pixel perfect website

Themes: Empire.

Cameron MollCameron Moll

Cameron Moll is a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida (United States). He’s the founder of Authentic Jobs Inc, among other endeavors, and we were fortunate enough to get him to design a theme for us! Check out his site.

Themes: Briefed.